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Explore West Africa by Motorcycle

Charles P (yellow shirt) working on the purchase of a new bike in Accra.

Ghana MotorBike Tours

- We charge $150 (USD) to help you acquire & register your motorcycle and plan your route. This usually takes one full day. Please arrange your own visas, motorcycle luggage, travel insurance, tools, etc. before you leave home.

- We can also arrange airport pickup and a hotel in Accra. Airport pickup (highly recommended) costs an additional $15 (USD). We can book a hotel to suit your budget and taste, from low price to luxury, just let us know what you'd like.

- At the end of your trip we will help you sell the bike for a 15% commission. The selling price depends on the condition of the bike when you return, and who we can find to buy it. In general, expect to sell the bike for approximately 40-60% of the original price as long as it's in good condition.

- We cannot guarantee the price you'll get for the bike at the end of your trip. The market for used bikes in Accra is constantly changing. If the bike cannot be sold on the day you return, we will sell it for you, and send you the money via paypal when you get home. You are welcome to sell the bike yourself or donate it to a worthy cause, there is no obligation to sell it through us. 

- During the trip, please maintain the motorcycle! Have the chain tightened and lubed, clutch cable tightened, and oil changed every 1,000km. These bikes will go a long way with minimal issues if you treat them well. An oil change and service costs only a few dollars (plus the cost of oil) and takes 15 minutes to complete. If you take care of your bike, you will likely have very few issues. 

- The better shape the bike is in at the end of the trip, the easier it will be to sell, and the more money you will get.