Hi there. My name is Charles Pee and I live in Accra, Ghana. I started this business to help visitors explore West Africa on two wheels, without tour buses and structured itineraries. West Africa, which includes Ghana, Togo, Benin, Mali, Cote D'Ivoire, and Burkina Faso, is one of the most fascinating, welcoming, and safest places in Africa to explore on a bike, and we can help you see it!

We can help you buy a bike in Accra, Ghana, get it registered and insured in your name, and then resell it at the end of your trip. Ghana has many different types of small-displacement motorcycles available for sale in the 125cc to 200cc size range, for incredibly low prices ranging from $600 (USD) to $1,000 (USD) for a brand new bike including registration and insurance. We charge a flat fee of $150 to help you buy the bike and a 15% commission to help you sell it. If you buy a bike through us, there is no obligation to also sell it through us. You're welcome to sell it on your own, donate it to a worthy charity, or give it to a person/village you encounter on your trip. 

The bikes themselves are mostly Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki clones, and they are amazingly resilient and dependable. If you have a mechanical issue, parts are readily available throughout West Africa, and you'll find highly capable mechanics in every little village. A 200cc model will comfortably travel at speeds up to 100-110km/hr, which is enough for even the largest roads in West Africa.


A 'Royal' Brand 200cc Dualsport Motorcycle, our recommended model. Price $900 + $100 registration & Insurance.

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